Ideathon Smart City

Come, Think and Enjoy!

How can we dramatically improve the Quality of Life in cities by using Information and Communication Technology? To get the the most of the knowledge we have, we need to go deeper than mind, we need to connect with our hands.

Participate in an event focussed on creating breakthrough ideas for smart cities. A great opportunity to network for entrepeneurs and scientists, using a different way of thinking a “hand-thinking” with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

After a short introduction about the methodology, we´ll play to answer the differents questions the facilitator will make individualy to comment in groups of 8/10 people.

Networking will happen at the time you play on the table with 10 participants, for 2,5h you´ll know a lot more people and better than in 2 days talking, the best will be the generation of new ideas for project you can generete during the game, the action plan it´ll be develop during the coffe.

The “HAND – Ideathon” will be facilitated by Laura Bueno Rubiales, Karismatia CEO.

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